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Product Features

teamKube is a meeting management and task tracking system that has been built with team collaboration in mind. For modern businesses that are mainly composed of knowledge workers, this is the system that facilitates effective planning and execution.

Major features include

  • Friendly web-based user interface that is easy to learn;
  • Supports for major web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and Safari;
  • Multilingual support (currently supports English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese);
  • Complete mechanism for the assignment, execution, tracking, completion, approval cycle;
  • Sophisticated and scalable activity and task model that can satisfy the most complex business works.



With teamKube, you can easily assign tasks to yourself or other people, track and link the results of execution; you can effectively run meetings collaboratively in agenda setting, in-meeting discussion, and post-meeting minute publishing and task tracking.

  • Records the assigned tasks faithfully
    Tasks can be assigned directly or during any meeting. Subtasks can be created on the fly.
  • Manifests the states of execution clearly
    The structure and hierarchy of tasks/subtasks and activities/sub-activities can be tracked and viewed with ease.
  • Connects all the related information extensively
    All the who, what, where, and even why can be linked and referenced together to facilitate all-aspect operation and analysis.
  • Tracks meeting-related conclusions and follow-up actions
    After the meeting, all the assignments can be tracked with different owners and trackers to make it more effective.
  • Reminds participants when appropriate
    Periodic reminder and overtime expediting can be good managerial tools or team movement facilitators.
  • Serves as operational knowledge references
    All the plans and execution trails are reserved as templates for future learning and references. It serves as a good tacit knowledge repository.


Getting Started